With its outbuildings, the property is unrestrictedly suitable for self-supporters who want to produce their basic needs of vegetables, fruit and meat in the best quality themselves in the midst of untouched wilderness. A powerful solar system could easily be installed.

But not only that: The property offers best conditions for a highly sustainable business model: Around the own lake two domes and two yurts of market-leading North American manufacturers with in each case 50qm surface wait for the final development: Electricity and water connections are prepared, likewise per unit its own waste water field. On the large wooden decks in each case a whirlpool or hot tub can easily be installed.

Situated in absolutely private, romantic isolation around the lake, but easily accessible via specially constructed access roads, they serve as unique accommodations for employees or family friends - or as a luxury glamping lodge for tourists who want to book an unforgettable nature vacation in the middle of the eastern Canadian wilderness.

Property Cape Breton